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Вітаємо Вас з Новим Роком!
Прямуймо в новому році разом до здобуття дійсно демократичної, незалежної України - на її процвітання і на користь українців по цілому світі.

“Баба Галя за незалежну Україну” Фотограф: Віктор Співак, м. Бориспіль

We wish you a Happy New Year!
Let us define together the New Year by a resurgence of effort to realize a truly democratic, independent Ukraine - so that it may flourish and thereby help sustain Ukrainians all over the world in their effort to be Ukrainian.
December 30 грудня 2009
Vol.10 No. 27

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The case for election observers in Ukraine TOP
The 2010 Election Observer Mission is extremely important to the future direction and development of Ukraine as a true democracy and its quest for self determination.

The Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF), in association with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, is seeking to mount a large contingent of non-partisan Election Observers for these crucial presidential elections scheduled for January and February 2010.

Currently, over 200 Canadians have volunteered for this important task. In order for them to be properly trained and deployed additional funds are required. Accordingly, an appeal is being made to the broader community to make this possible.

CUF is seeking your support in its desire to mount an effective International Observer Mission in Ukraine to ensure that the results of the upcoming presidential election in Ukraine represent the democratically expressed will of the citizens of Ukraine.

Our success will depend on the ability to raise these needed funds and your assistance in this regard!

To donate by creditcard, fax/email or cheque go to:
Income tax receipts will be provided on request for donations over $50.

The Reasons:

The upcoming 2010 Presidential Elections in Ukraine will be as important to the democratic development of Ukraine as were the 2004 Presidential Elections, often referred to as the ‘Orange Revolution’.

Election observer training session for Canadians in Kyiv Mohyla Academy for 3rd round of 2004 presidential elections. Photo: Meelena Oleksiuk

Internal regional tensions and the aggressive geo-political actions of Russia towards Ukraine combined with the current economic crisis that has enveloped Ukraine, have created uncertainty which can potentially weaken democratic values and critical institutions in Ukraine.

Important strategic issues with international implications will be decided during the next presidential term of office (5 years).

The current President of Ukraine and the Prime Minister have made a public appeal to the international community to send large observer missions to monitor the forthcoming elections.

International election observer working together with local observers to monitor election in 2004

In 2004, there were over 13,000 International Election Observers - with Canada sending a combined force of approximately 1000 Observers of which half were sponsored by the former Paul Martin government.

In addition, the 2009 amendments to Ukraine’s Presidential Election Law (the ‘Law’), have the effect of removing many of the legislated safeguards, that were present in previous elections and designed to protect against voter fraud and manipulation of the election process.

With regard to the Presidential Election Law amendments, the Venice Commission states: “(Presidential Election Law amendments) ... raise a number of serious concerns that mark a step backwards ...”

We have the unusual situation of a presidential election race already underway with a Law in place that is neither compliant with the decision of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court nor compliant with well accepted democratic norms.

One never knows what the possible outcomes of an election can be - especially one fraught with the shortcomings and potential pitfalls outlined above. International Election Observers’ reports/findings provide an important basis for the reconsideration of election results and potentially assist in the due process of law, if election results are deemed undemocratic. This is an extremely important consideration - especially with the country’s recent history of election fraud that occurred during the Orange Revolution of 2004.

This time with an inferior Law containing apparent greater opportunities for voter manipulation and potential fraud, the situation can be equally difficult or worse. It is imperative, therefore, that Canada play a critical role to help avoid a potentially volatile situation with long term implications for the region.

Canadian mission's chief election observer Roman Chyczij presenting report to media in Kyiv October 1, 2007. Photo: Oxana Bukanova


Підтримайте нашого кореспондента задля дотримання демократичності, чесності й прозорості у виборах TOP

 Редакція еПошти звертається до всіх читачів з просьбою: спонсорувати поїздку в Україну нашого кореспондента Марти Онуфрів. Мета: участь у статусі міжнародного журналіста у президентських виборах-2010 задля дотримання в них демократичності, чесності й прозорості.

Повідомляємо, що М. Онуфрів, громадянка України, була активною учасницею президентських виборів-2004, Помаранчевої революції, а відтак парламентських виборів-2006, 2007.  Її осяги – просто фантастичні.

Окрім поборювання усілякого роду фальсифікацій у майбутніх виборах, М. Онуфрів зобов`язується надсилати нам свої цікаві репортажі. Для поїздки в Україну їй потрібно – 1700 кан. доларів.

Про Ваше бажання часткового чи повного спонсорування нашого кореспондента просимо якомога скоріше сконтактуватися ел. поштою з нашою редакцією.

                                                                        Редакція еПОШТИ

ADMINISTRATION, subscribing, unsubscribing, etc. TOP

Myroslava Oleksiuk
-- editor-in-chief

Anya Maziak
-- editor, culture/society/religion

Oxana Bukanova
-- editor, politics/business

Марта Онуфрів
-- кореспондент
Marta Onufriv
-- correspondent

Діана Мережко
-- кореспондент (Здоров'я)
Diana Merezhko
-- correspondent (Health)

Zenon Chytra
-- story layout

John Heron
-- story layout

Ihor Prociuk
-- story layout and design


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